Package authors: Adrian Blagau, Joachim Vogt


Python package: SwarmFACE

Blagau A and Vogt J (2023) SwarmFACE: A Python package for field-aligned currents exploration with Swarm. Front. Astron. Space Sci. 9:1077845. doi: 10.3389/fspas.2022.1077845

%load_ext watermark
%watermark -i -v -p SwarmFACE,viresclient,numpy,pandas,matplotlib
Python implementation: CPython
Python version       : 3.11.6
IPython version      : 8.18.0

SwarmFACE  : 0.0.1
viresclient: 0.11.6
numpy      : 1.26.2
pandas     : 2.1.3
matplotlib : 3.8.2

Example usage#

For more examples, see ablagau/SwarmFACE

Here we demonstrate the simplest algorithm, the single-satellite FAC method, using SwarmFACE.j1sat.j1sat

from SwarmFACE.j1sat import j1sat

The package is currently awaiting updates to make it work here.

Example usage:

# Settings
dtime_beg = '2014-05-04T17:48:00'
dtime_end = '2014-05-04T17:54:00'
sat = ['C']
res = 'LR'
N3d=[0.2276, 0.6924, 0.6847]
tincl = ['2014-05-04 17:49:50', '2014-05-04 17:52:44']

# Fetch data and apply algorithm using above settings
j_df, input_df, param = j1sat(
    dtime_beg, dtime_end, sat, res=res,
    N3d=N3d, tincl=tincl

The inputs are stored within input_df, and the newly calculated FAC current in j_df with some extra metadata in param.