🌍 Beyond Swarm Notebooks

🌍 Beyond Swarm Notebooks¢

The rest of these pages provide views of the central Swarm Notebooks which aim to document access to Swarm products and show general recipes for their manipulation and visualisation. These are tested and verified to work on the VRE.

What about other projects beyond the scope of Swarm Notebooks? On this page we collect a list of related repositories, with links to view them statically online and to pull them into the VRE to interact with them.

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Recipes for interacting with Swarm products

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Tools for more advanced exploration of Field-Aligned Currents (SIFACIT project: Adrian Blagau & Joachim Vogt)

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Demonstrations using viresclient, mainly during development of new products on VirES (Martin Pačes / EOX)

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Examples in polar ionosphere studies (Karl M. Laundal)

Exploring our Magnetic Earth
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An interactive textbook used as part of the IAGA School